Monday, 17 August 2015

Stepping up into the unknown..

I was up til late last night, doing what I always try and get away from... sitting in front of the computer and learning stuff to do with marketing!! It just kind of... happened!!
Anyway, I am very glad I did it, as it got me back onto blogging -which so many people love and of which I say a massssiiive hello to at least 43 who have signed up for mine! I will not inundate, but I will certainly writing more. It is fun!

So, I learnt about TwitterFeed. Off the back of searching automated thank you's (I have made them as personal as possible, saying "let's keep in touch", as supposed to folk feeling they are talking to a bot when they kindly follow me on that wonderful platform, Twitter.. Although I am still fairly rubbish at the whole hashtag thing lol!). The automated thank you's are via TwitterFeed allows you to have automated posts of blogs you have decided to follow. One of which I have subscribed to is Scrapbooking Cavewoman -ha!ha!ha!- wonderful name! For any scrapbook makers and lovers out there -she is a real pro (may not be music, but is SOOO creative) -and is also my step-mum!
Another I have subscribed to is Pete Townsend my bass player. He is also a commissioned author. Fab writer, fab person, fab bassist (Ritter endorsed). He has recently moved and has lots on, so it may be a while until he manages to find a spare moment to write up his next post. I can't wait til he does though, as I love his humour!

I'll let you know a few others while I'm at it! Gourmet Mum -my sister-in-law. Expect posts appearing from award-winning blogger (and more importantly cook!) Filipa Kay.
Musicians Union -News from the group I am a member of; An interesting creative chap I came across called Gongle (lol!) -though I haven't had much time to go through all of his archives -but what I have seen, he seems an ok chap ;) and a blog called Success For Your Songs. Sounds nice... A chap out there with a heart to help any songwriter amongst us.

Well, I hope you are keeping well. I look forward to writing and keeping in touch that little bit more.

God bless ya and keep you safe.

From the comfort of my PJs,

Trace x


  1. Well done Trace... Look forward to following the adventure!